The attorneys at Hennessy, Boe & Gondring, P.A. have extensive experience in OSHA and OSHA related investigations, including successfully defending against alleged OSHA violations or citations. We assist our clients with navigating the most complex compliance issues and handle any type of OSHA matters, including death cases. We successfully represent employers before the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, as well as the Area Director level in achieving results for our clients.

We counsel our clients with regard to:

· Developing proper policies for OSHA compliance

· Ensuring our clients are providing appropriate training to employees for OSHA compliance

· Developing policies and follow through discipline for infractions or OSHA violations

And we handle all aspects of OSHA and OSHA related matters including:

· Accidents and Catastrophes

· Citations Characterized as “Willful” or “Repeated”

· Egregious and Substantial Enforcement Cases

· Recordkeeping Violations

· Wall-to-Wall Inspections

· Employee/Union Complaints

· Representation and guidance during inspections, investigations, and enforcement actions by OSHA

· Handling investigations of catastrophic industrial, construction, manufacturing, and other workplace accidents

· Handling all aspects of OSHA litigation, including appeals of OSHA citations and the negotiation of settlements that minimize the impact of enforcement actions on wrongful death and injury cases

· Defending against alleged retaliation and whistleblowing violations filed with federal and state OSHA offices